Hi everyone, my name is Martin and I work with my wife (Jean) and our son (Richard) at our WW11 Reproduction Factory and World Distribution Centre, based in the North East of England.

We re-produce items from WWII such as wooden boxes, crates and tables.

I started making these products for myself in which to store my expanding collection of kit. The crates are multi-functional, perfect for storing your kit out of the way of the wife, load them into the Jeep/Dodge/car for the show, unpack,  and the empty crates become an integral part of the display as well. Perfect!

All our products are individually manufactured by our skilled carpenters using top quality planed or rough sawn timber which is procured from managed sources, before being cut and constructed to our exact specifications.

The original crates were, of course, not pieces of furniture, but a means of transporting all manner of goods all over the World. We have made our crates to match, using the same type of joints and fixings. The hardware we have matched as closely as possible to the originals, taking into consideration cost and availability, as most items are now metric not imperial.

Extensive research is conducted by our team using books, photographic evidence and more importantly, original items wherever feasible. This attention to detail ensures that all our products are top quality re-productions which are almost indistinguishable from the original items.





As can be seen, most of the crates have been left in the virgin wood, i.e. no paint, as they would have been when manufactured in the 40s. You may wish to ‘age’ them as required, bearing in mind when they were first issued they were new, not with 60 years worth of muck on them.

Unlike many of our competitors, we prefer to provide our items already constructed. Whilst we recognize that this unfortunately increases the shipping cost on our products, we can ensure that you get a well constructed and quality product that will hopefully last for many years. That said, you can often find us at major Military Fairs and Shows which eliminates shipping costs. Other options such as flat pack may be possible, depending on the item, if you contact us and discuss your requirements.   

Please click on the links on our main page to view the products that we currently have on offer. We will keep updating this site as new products become available. We are working on British and German lines at present.

Supplier to a new Hollywood WW2 film, now in production

Please feel free to contact us if you have any items that you would like us to consider manufacturing. This can be new lines as well as  items made to your specific requirements. Either way, feel free to give as a call and discuss this further.