Karabiner 98k

Crate based on the original shipping crate that carried 10 rifles. The construction is the same as the larger box, only our crate will take a rifle, sling, bayonet, cleaning case and 6 boxes of ammunition. We can easily alter the internal sections to suit your individual requirements. If you happen to own 10, 98k's, we will be more than happy to make you a full size shipping crate.

 Price 150.00 each plus the shipping

Tellermine 42/43

These boxes held 1 Tellermine in each, utilizing the handle of the mine, as the carrying handle of the box. The box is left in clear pinewood with corner finger joints, all as the original one I have.

 Price 55.00 each plus the shipping.


Flak Gun Ammunition 2cm

2cm Flak ammunition box, copied off an original I have. Complete with dovetail joints and black furniture.

 Price 105.00 each plus the shipping.


MP 38/40 Transit crate

MP38/40 crate made in pinewood with plywood lid and base.

It will hold an MP38/40, 6 magazines, the leather sling and cut outs for the spare parts.

Available in a choose of colours, Green, Luftwaffe blue/grey, Desert sand or left clear.

 A lovely safe storage crate for your weapon and accessories.

Price for the crate only 255.00 plus shipping.




Panzerschreck carrying case

Panzerschreck carrying case, this will hold two rounds, Copied off an original photograph, complete with finger corner joints and black furniture.
Price 95.00 plus shipping.



Ammo box

New German Ammo box copied off an original, see photo. This box held 30 x 5cm shells which were used for either a Pak 38 field gun or the Panzer 111 tank. It has been recessed for the hinges and the front clasp plates, making it easier to stack and also grooved out at the ends to form a handle.
Price 95.00 each plus the shipping


Packkiste Nr 10 box

Wooden box used by the Pioneers for carrying various articles or ammunition, as their contents varied. 5 piece reinforced lid complete with all metal hardware.
This has been made for use as a footlocker, complete with internal top tray. Holds your clothes, boots etc in the large bottom area, with your small personal items in the top tray.
Cost 190.00 plus the shipping.




The box will hold 4 'Panzerfausts' as the original photo.

Price 165.00 plus postage (crate only).







(Photo showing original Box)




I believe these Stick Grenade Boxes are to the same spec as an original box.  They hold 15 stick grenades stacked top & tail as per the photo.

Price 75.00 plus postage (crate only).









MG34/42  Wooden crates, made from pinewood to store and carry the machine gun. These can be customised to your requirements to house spare barrels, ammunition etc.

180 unpainted plus postage.



New 'man size' 5 rocket back pack. The 3 rocket back variant costs 65.00 and the 5 rocket back pack costing 75.00 plus postage. (Back pack only, no rockets or hardware yet as still working on them!)






Product shown for illustration only and not actual product.





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